Replica: Kangxi Yellow Glazed Porcelain Crockery

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  • Replica: Kangxi Yellow Glazed Porcelain Crockery

    This yellow glazed porcelain crockery comes from a hidden Kangxi Palace in the Qing Dynasty of the Forbidden City. Originally from Jingdezhen, a prefecture-level city located in northeastern Jiangxi province, this refined piece is carefully crafted by ancient methods, using kaolinite and handmade glaze. The colour yellow in traditional Chinese culture symbolises power and royalty, and is usually associated with the Emperor. Porcelains which were covered in yellow glaze were particularly prized as only the Kangxi Emperor was allowed to use them. One will be sure to appreciate their tea as they experience the taste of how the Emperor felt through these elegant porcelain cups.



    仿康熙黄釉瓷 盖碗 · 杯




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