Product Size: 4cm in dial diameter

Leather Design: Watch strap total length 25cm, 1.8cm in width

Product Quality: Leather Design: Leather strap, alloy dial

Emperor’s Time Watch (Black)

  • Emperor’s Time Watch (Black)

    The main artistic feature of this watch was extracted from a sundial which places in front of Tai He Dian of Forbidden City. Sundial is an ancient timepiece deciding the time according to the shadow’s length and direction. The theory of sundial timing is in no way same at,  so its form also different.




    此款手表的创意来源于故宫太和殿日晷。日晷是我国古代的计时器,根据日影的长短和方向来确定时辰。由于日晷的计时原理不尽相同,其构造形状也各有差异。 ​​​​​​​