Auspicious Animal Bookmark Set

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  • Auspicious Animal Bookmark Set

    The creative element of this bookmark comes from the Forbidden City’s Auspicious Beast. In ancient times, there were many types of Rui Shou, which were roughly divided into five types, “Qilin, Phoenix, Turtle, Dragon and White Tiger”, this called “Wuling” represents to The King of Jiarui, this is the highest level of Ruizhao. In the Forbidden City, Rui Shou is a fetish for the royal to pray for protection, used only for the construction of the emperor. These Rui Shou from ancient myths and legends, and they all have a particular propitious significance.




    此款书签的创意元素来源于故宫的瑞兽。古代祥瑞种类繁多,大体分为五种,即五个等级:“麒麟,凤凰,龟,龙, 和白虎” ,五灵,王者之嘉瑞也, 这是最高等级的瑞兆。 故宫里的瑞兽是皇家镇宅祈福的神物,它代表着王权,除了皇帝之外,任何人都不得在建筑物上使用。这些瑞兽源自古老的神话传说,都有特定的祥瑞寓意。 (铜龟,麒麟,, 铜狮子, 铜凤, 铜象, 铜鹤, 铜鹿, 铜龙)


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