Product Size: 20 pieces/package

Product Material: Rice Paper

Calligraphy Paper Flower and Bird Series

  • This calligraphy paper was inspired by the Palace Museum series, “Flower and Bird Album” drawn by Yu Zhi which includes painting of Xuan Butterfly, Lily and Butterfly, Lotus and Dragonflies, Plum Blossom and Sparrows, Camellia, the plum and the bamboo swallow, Flower of Yulan, Peach Blossom and yellowbird, Peony with bees and Yulan with bees.





    此信笺的创意来源于故宫院藏清代余穉所绘 《花鸟图》册中的萱花蝴蝶,百合凤蝶,荷花蜻蜓,梅花麻雀,山茶绶带,梅竹燕子,玉兰太平,桃花黄雀,牡丹蜜蜂,玉兰蜜蜂。