Product Material: Crystal, Agate, Natural Pearl, Shell Pearl, 925 Silver Plated, Alloy

Product Size: Total length of circle: 23cm, 11cm for length, 12mm in diameter for crystal, 14mm waist beads, 9mm for amber

Crystal Amber Buddhist Beads

SKU: 1060201801
  • Crystal Amber Buddhist Beads

    This beads was inspired by the Qing Palace Cang Cui 18 beads, the selection of 18 natural white crystal string system, with onyx Buddha head, beads as the decoration. On the back of the cloud in the pinching process inlaid with natural beeswax, pendant for the red agate, its silver-plated enamel flower cap. Hand string process complex, exquisite details, the whole according to the old palace made office method system, the selection of exclusive string from the Buddha beads.