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Product Size:  

Each tape length: 10m

Pattern of Flower and Grass – 4.7cm in width, pattern 29.3cm/loop

Pattern of Flying Swallow – 2.9cm in width, pattern 29.6cm/loop

Pattern of Chrysanthemum – 3cm in width, pattern 30.7cm/loop

Pattern of Cloud – 4.5cm in width, pattern 30.7cm/loop

Kimono-inspired Decorative Tape Set

SKU: 1090706501
  • Kimono-inspired Decorative Tape Set

    The pattern elements of this and the paper tape set come from the Ryukyu fabric treasured by the Palace Museum.

    Ryukyu was the first island nation in the East China Sea. According to historical records, since the fifth year of the Reign of Emperor Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty, successive Ryukyu Kings sent envoys to China many times to pay tribute. Ryukyu crafts have been favoured by Chinese royal families for hundreds of years, among which Ryukyu painted fabrics are famous for their variety, unique skills and complicated working procedures.






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