Material: PP, 394 Stainless Steel, Silicone, TPE, PC

Size: 20cm*8cm

Volume: 350ml

Weight: 294g

Dragon Embroidered with Gold Tumbler

SKU: CFC5013901
  • 绣金团纹夔龙随行杯 Dragon Embroidered with Gold Tumbler

    This motif is from the Emperor's robes that sits in the Palace Museum from the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. The lotus, dragon, and "bagua" patterns convey wishes for peace, prosperity and favourable weather for the harvest.

    创意源自故宫博物院藏品, 清乾隆时期“藕荷色实地纱缀绣平 八团夔龙 单袍”。 藕荷色纱地,万寿花卉夔龙纹补子八团配搭 如意纹和花卉,寓意国泰明 安,万事顺遂。杯中纹饰万寿花卉 夔龙纹,雅致大成,意愿风调雨顺。

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