Product Size:  Cover: 17cm in length, 10.5cm in width

Notebook: 14cm in length, 15.4cm in height, 64 pages

Product Material: Linen blended, Paper Material, Cover are in embroidered

Embroidery Organiser – Lotus Inspired Motif

SKU: 1090605302
  • Embroidery Organiser – Lotus Inspired Motif

    The creative elements of this notebook are from Palace Museum series which is “Pastel Green Vase with Ruyi Ears”. The vase’s exterior wall is coated with green glaze and painted with branch and flower pattern. Along the vase’s head, back, abdomen, foot diameter of showing a variety of auspicious patterns and on both sides of the shoulder ornaments are with ruyi cord, which means good luck for people in their lives.



    刺绣记事本 - 玉兰蝶戏手