Product Size:  Bookmark: 13.5cm in height, width of bottom:1.5cm

Product Material: Metal

Emperor Kangxi/ Yongzheng/Qianlong Bookmark

  • Emperor Kangxi/ Yongzheng/Qianlong Bookmark

    Emperor of sage, wise and determined – Kangxi Emperor. He was the longest-reigning emperor in Chinese history and a champion of national unification, laying the foundation for the Qing dynasty and inaugurating the Kangxi and Qianlong period.

    Emperor of diligence – Yongzheng Emperor. During the reign of emperor Yongzheng, the atmosphere of officialdom changed rapidly. It was said that "when period of emperor Yongzheng, there were honest and clean politics for all the official".

    Emperor of peace and stable – Qianlong Emperor. During the reign of emperor Qianlong, the Qing dynasty reached its peak since the prosperous Kangxi-Qianling period, and sinology developed greatly during this period.




    千古明君 康熙帝。他是中国历史上在位时间最长的皇帝,也是中国统一的多名族捍卫者,奠下了清朝兴盛的根基,开创出康乾盛世局面。

    勤政之君 雍正帝。雍正帝在位期间,官场风气迅速扭转,号称“雍正一朝,无官不清”,这实在是中国封建社会的奇迹,也为推进各个领域的改革提供了保障条件。

    盛世之君 乾隆帝。乾隆皇帝在位期间,清朝达到了康乾盛世以来的高峰,汉学在此期间得到了很大的发展。