Product Size: Packaging : 12.6cm in length, 7.5cm in width

Mirror: 10.8cm in length, 6.1cm in width

Total Length: 18cm (includes handles and tassel)

Surface of Mirror:5.8cm in length, 5.2cm in width

Product Material: Alloy

Yong Zheng Mirror

SKU: 1120121101
  • Yong Zheng Mirror

    Designer according to the "golden silk flower bag" series of the Palace Museum, design this mirror. Emperor Yongzheng loved using flowers as incense. He also personally designed a variety of different sizes of flowers bag to keep the flower intact. Emperor Yongzheng made this kind of floret bag, should be two fan of type device, can open and close, can carry flower inside.




    雍正的花囊 · 镜子