Product Size: 17.5cm in length, 2.5cm width at top of the hairpin

Packaging Size: 24cm*6cm*3.5cm

Product Material: Ebony of sculpted lotus

Best Wishes Lotus Hair Pin

SKU: 1210304601
  • 如意莲花发簪 Best Wishes Lotus

    This design is inspired by Boxwood Carving Lotus "Ruyi" that sits in the Palace Museum collection. The hair pin has a similar shape to the "Ruyi" cloud motif, with a lotus flower carving, symbolising harmony and happiness.

    设计灵感来源于故宫博物院收藏黄杨木雕莲花如意。 此簪形状相似如意,簪头雕刻莲花,象征和和美美。