Product Size:  2.6cm in width( Can open and slightly adjustable)

Product Material: Copper plating 18K gold, Pearls (2mm in diameter), Shell Beads (3mm in diameter)

Wan Fu Lian Lian 18K Gold Plated Bangle

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  • Wan Fu Lian Lian 18K Gold Plated Bangle

    The imperial concubine jewellery of Qing Dynasty was made by the Canton Storage Department and the manufacturing office. The shape was elegant and the workmanship was meticulous. The amount of gold and silver jewellery used was incalculable. The queen's jewellery is strictly regulated and hierarchical, and it has become a symbol of identity.

    This headdress works fine, implied meaning "longevity again and again". One of the characters, "fu", conveys people's yearning for a better life, to get a blessing, heart. Stylist takes "ten thousand blessing again and again" implied meaning and make this jewellery, wish you "ten thousand blessing"  good luck again and again.