Product Size: 18cm in length, 3cm width at top of the hairpin, 5cm in pendant

Packaging Size: 24cm*6cm*3.5cm

Product Material: Ebony, White Jade Lotus, Seashell, Copper

White Jade Lotus

SKU: 1030110601
  • 白玉莲发簪 White Jade Lotus

    The design was inspired by the Palace Museum's collection of white lotus boxes. This product shows the pattern of white jade lotus box in the form of hairpins. The lotus and lotus seed represents harmony, more children and good luck.

    设计灵感来源于故宫博物院收藏白玉莲花纹盒。该产 品把白云莲花纹盒上面的图案以发簪形式展现出来。 莲花与莲子结合代表了和和美美、多子多福、好运连 连