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Product Material:

Polyester fiber, viscose fiber


Product Size:

33cm (L) * 23cm (W)


Product Packaging:


Jade Rabbit Flower Knot Bag

  • Jade Rabbit Flower Knot Bag / 玉兔花神套结手腕包

    This product draws inspiration from the pattern of the Green Satin Embroidery Guìhuā Yùtù Jīnpíqiú Huāwén Bāyuè Huāshényī (August Flower Fairy Robe with Jade Rabbit and Osmanthus Pattern) housed in the Palace Museum. Taking the pattern of the cultural relic itself as a reference, it incorporates the elements of the jade rabbit and osmanthus. The outer edge of each white rabbit is adorned with golden thread in the shape of an auspicious eight-fold knot. Scattered branches of osmanthus flowers and clusters of osmanthus flower buds are delicately embellished, adding an exquisite and elegant touch. The word "guì" in Chinese sounds similar to "gui" meaning "wealthy" and "noble," thus symbolizing prosperity and auspiciousness. The phrase "zhéguì" (breaking the osmanthus twig) is often used to represent passing the imperial examinations and achieving academic success.



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