Blue Kingfisher Folded Hand-fan

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  • Blue Kingfisher Folded Hand-fan

    Folding fans were highly favoured by the Yongle Emperor during the Ming Dynasty and they continued to flourish till the Qing Dynasty. They symbolise generosity, elegance and exquisiteness.

    Tian-tsui, a common jewellery making process in the Qing Dynasty which features kingfisher feathers, is often used as decoration on jewellery. The colours on the kingfisher’s feather never fade, allowing the jewellery to remain in a bright and pristine condition. They usually come in shades of emerald blue or royal blue, making it suitable for women with gentle and demure characteristics.


    折扇在明永乐年间受到帝王青睐, 由此蔚为流行, 及至清代依旧兴盛不衰。清宫折扇大方,雅致,精美, 令人赏心悦, 尤以乾隆时期为最。点翠是清代后妃首饰中常见的一种工艺,即用翠鸟的羽毛装饰于饰品上。点翠颜色的主调运用翠蓝色及宝蓝色, 鲜艳夺目。翠鸟羽毛永不褪色, 使得点翠饰品鲜艳如新,于艳丽中带有古朴之美,非常适合东方女性温柔含蓄的特性。