Product Material: Cotton material/ embroidery/ offset printing process.

Product Size: Average size M, Head circumference: 55-59 (adjustable) The height of the hat is 10cm, and the tail band is 31cm long

Product Weight: 96.5g


· Do not wash caps by hand or machine after ironing them.

· Slight stains can be cleaned gently with water cloth or a soft brush with a small amount of detergent, and then washed off the surface with a dry cloth.

· If not worn for a long time, store in a cool and dry place after washing.

Emperor “Zhen朕” Cap

SKU: 2020402601
  • Emperor “Zhen朕” Cap

    The artistic dimensions of this cap originate from an ancient emperor’s address. The designer took as the key visual feature on the cap by using the handwriting of Yongzheng's “” (“Zhen”) and made this cap with classic black and gold. “朕” used to be the first person, which means "I" and "mine".