Product Material: 925 silver + 18K gold + Synthetic Zircon

Product Size: 1.8cm for the hands of zither player 7.5cm for the tassel string

Melodies of the Zither Earrings

SKU: 1120127801
  • Melodies of the Zither Earrings

    This asymmetrical ear uses the string as a tassel, an earring hang at the side of neck, as fine water streaming, elegant smart, like a melodious piano.




    扬琴音 · 有意抱琴来耳饰

    此款不对称耳饰以弦作流苏, 耳饰在面庞颈间垂下,若细水流淌,优雅灵动,似有琴音悠扬。