Product Design: Emperor Set, Sun of Heaven Set, Royal Seal Set

Product Size:  Emperor Set: Surface of Stamp 2.8cm, 3.6cm in height, 43g in weight

Sun of Heaven set: Surface of Stamp 2.8cm, 2.5cm in height, 23.6g in weight

Royal Seal Set: Surface of Stamp 2.8cm, 3.5cm in height, 40.6g in weight

Tassel: 7.8cm in length ; Ink Pad:3.8cm (Square)

Product Material: Resin

Mini Imperial Stamp

  • Mini Imperial Stamp

    The “ Sun of Heaven”, white jade quality. According to the book of “Jiao Qin Dian Bao Dian” this treasure was used as a sacrificial offering to hundreds of gods.

    The “Royal Seal” was engraved in the first month of the first year of yongzheng, which is the important part of yongzheng's precious seal.

    The “Emperor” is a wooden seal in the twenty-five treasures of the Qing dynasty, which is also the most frequent and widely used in the twenty-five treasures, such as the emperor's accession to the throne, the queen's book, the emperor's wedding, the release of the palace trial and other important imperial edicts are used in this treasure.



    天子印玺 皇帝之宝/ 御笔之宝 / 天子之宝