Twelve Brocaded Fabric Notebooks

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  • Twelve Brocaded Fabric Notebooks

    This series of notebook designs are all from the Palace Museum’s collection.

    Bright Yellow - Golden Woven Satin Dragon

    Peach - Magnolia Butterfly Pattern from Qing Dynasty

    Carmine - Silk Peony Flower with Butterfly

    Pale Pinkish Grey - Water Hibiscus from the Song Dynasty

    Lilac - Flower and Bird Embroidery from the Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Period

    Sapphire - Embroidered Satin with Cloud Cranes

    Turquoise - Embroidered Satin with embellished flowers

    Dark Blue - A scrapbook of flowers and birds from the Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Period

    Lake Blue - Goldfish Motif from the Qing Dynasty

    Azurite Blue - Wang Ximeng’s A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains

    Plain - Wenji’s “Flower Picture” Album from the Ming Dynasty

    White - Xiang Shengmo’s Flowers Painting Album



    锦色记事本 全套12本


    明黄 黄缎织金云龙袷裤

    桃红 清宫藏玉兰蝴蝶纹样衣料

    胭脂 諽丝牡丹花蝶图乌木雕花柄团扇

    藕色 宋 出水芙蓉页

    雪青 清乾隆 刺绣花鸟图轴

    宝蓝 宝蓝缎平金绣云鹤镶领袖边袷袍

    青碧 浅绿缎彩绣博古花卉镶领袖棉袍

    碧蓝 清乾隆刮绒花鸟图册之一

    湖蓝 清宫藏金鱼纹样衣料

    石青 王希孟 千里江山图

    素色 明 文俶 《 花卉图 》 册

    茶白项圣谟 花卉草丛册