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Product Size 产品尺寸

  • Packaging 包装:240*270*27mm
  • Finished Product 成品:208*123*240mm 

Paper Carving Lamp - Carp

SKU: 6010300801
  • 锦鲤纸雕灯 Carp 

    According to historical records, Ye Xianggao was an official in the Ming Dynasty known for loving and tending to. Despite the intrigue a man in his position might be expected to navigate, his career was long and prosperous, lasting not one, but three dynasties. As his renown spread, so did his tradition of rearing carp as a symbol for luck and longevity. In tradition even further back in the Tang dynasty, it was believed only the rare yellow Koi had the potential to transform into a dragon, This lamp embodies these symbols of luck and prosperity as it shines its light in your home.

    不是所有鲤鱼都可以化龙,需要通过特殊化,通过数量的限制来彰显龙 的尊贵,所以化龙是特殊的黄锦鲤。

    到了唐代,第一次出现在陆龟蒙诗 歌里的“ 锦鲤”,已拥有的化龙的专利。 据史料记载,明代“三朝元 老”叶向高一生酷爱丹顶锦鲤,官前就养着一群丹顶锦鲤,伴随身 边。 叶向高一生官运亨通,历经三朝,身为“独相”主政八载:即使仕途中稍 有波折,也是迎 刃而解。由此,丹顶旺官运,兴考运的说法流传于世。

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