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Product Size 产品尺寸

  • Packaging 包装:150*25*220mm
  • Finished Product 成品:134*134*134mm

Paper Carving Lamp - Forbidden City Tower

SKU: 6010300901
  • 故宫角楼纸雕灯 Forbidden City Tower

    This lamp design is the perfect representation of the strong and mighty towers of the Palace Museum - right down to its intricate details and colour of the original. Look closely and you will notice how intelligent its design was. Not only was the design rich in multi-tiered beauty, it simplified its assembly while reinforcing its structure. Construct this palace tower with your own hands and gain a new appreciation for the wisdom behind the craftsmanship of this iconic structure.

    设计灵感来源于故宫博物院内建筑角楼。角楼造型庄重威武,结构复杂。 产品最大限度地还原了角楼原本的外观特点,遵从原建筑的细节和配色 设计。采用多种 巧妙的结构,使产品细节更佳丰富和有趣,同时通过 结构改进,降低产品的拼装难度和 减少不必要的拼装步骤。让消费者 可以通过自己的双手制作出一个代表了古代工匠智慧 的知名建筑。

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