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  • Packaging 包装:240*270*27mm
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Paper Carving Lamp - Qianli Jiangshan

SKU: 6010300701
  • 千里江山纸雕灯  Qianli Jiangshan

    ‘A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains’ is the only surviving work created by Wang Ximeng of the Northern Song Dynasty. The painting on the long scroll not only represents the milestones and developments of the landscape in Jiangnan, it also symbolises the achievements during the Northern Song Dynasty. The tea set combines the ancient and poetic in life, with the mountains and streams of water accompanied on the side so that one can admire the beauty and elegance of the mountains and rivers.

    《千里江山图》是北宋王希孟创作的绢本设色画,该作品以长卷形 式,立足传统,画面细致入微,烟波浩渺的江河、层峦起伏的群山 构成了一幅美妙的 江南山水图。《千里江山图》画卷,不仅代表 着青绿山水发展的里程;而且集北宋以来水墨山水之大成。茶具将 古意与诗意融于生活,点缀细水长流的 时光,伴之身侧,且赏旧 时锦绣山河。

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