A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Silk Fan

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  • A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Silk Fan

    Designer moved a small part of the “Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains” into the silk fan, as soon as we lifted up the hand, the beauty od mountains and rivers in the old days were come into views. A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains was drawn of Wang Xi Meng who was 18 years old in half a year. He used the traditional painting method of green mountain and green waters. In the painting, the landscape is near and far, with a magnificent atmosphere. The village market, fishing boats, bridges, waterwheels, and forest birds are well-designed and well-placed. The entire volume of green and green is recoloured, showing the beauty of the mountains and rivers.



    宋· 王希孟 千里江山真丝团扇  

    设计师将《千里江山图》卷局部小景移入团扇,一抬手间,眼前便是旧时秀丽江山, 而在时间的游走里,这丹青之美已成永恒。《千里江山图》是由十八岁的王希孟用时半年画成。画卷继承传统的“青山绿水”画法,画中远近山水,气势开阔,村舍集市、渔船客舟、桥梁水车和林木飞禽,笔墨工致,位置得宜;全卷青绿重设色,表现了山河秀丽在该作品人物的刻画上,极其精细入微,意态栩栩如生,飞鸟用笔轻轻一点,具展翅翱翔之态