Embroidered White Phoenix Notebook

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  • Embroidered White Phoenix Notebook

    The main artistic feature of this notebook was extracted from a folding screen which had a white phoenix, a pine tree and chrysanthemums, which is now treasured in The Palace Museum. The white phoenix is used to represent high virtue and grace, and the delicate embroidery meant to bring out its beauty. With the chrysanthemum blooming on the left and the pine tree on the right, the white phoenix stands in the middle with a single leg on the trunk. The design of this folding screen originated in the Shang and Zhou Dynasty, and were only used by the noble families as it was a symbol of status.





    松菊白凤围屏以凤为中心, 左侧菊花绽放, 右侧青松傲立,开屏的白凤单腿立于松干上引亢高鸣。此围屏制作与清中晚朝,黑漆边框,八扇成组。屏风出现于商周时期,当时只有贵族家庭才能使用,是地位的象征。