Product Size: Total Length: 10m, 1.5cm in width, 4.7cm in diameter of tape

Tang Huang Dian Ya Decorative Tape

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  • Tang Huang Dian Ya Decorative Tape

    "Zheng Da Guang Ming board" was written by the Emperor Shunzhi. Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Qianlong inscribed postscripts on the plaque respectively. Since Yongzheng Xian Feng, they all took the secret way of reserving, the reserving of the imperial crown prince of Zhu Zhi is hidden behind the board ""Zheng Da Guang Ming" board.

    "Zhong Zhen Ren He" and "Qing Zheng Qin Xian" plaque, are emperor Yongzheng's imperial pens, hanging in the Hall of Mind cultivation. Since the reign of Emperor Yongzheng, the Hall of Yangxin (Yangxin Dian) has become the main residence and administrative centre of the emperor in the palace. Therefore, the inscribed tablets and inscribed tablets here are also the essence of the Qing dynasty's ruling thought.





    此胶带 创意来自于“正大光明”匾,是顺治皇帝书写的。康熙皇帝和乾隆皇帝分别在此匾上题跋。自雍正咸丰,都采取秘密立储的方式,钦定皇太子的朱谕就藏在“正大光明”匾后。“中正仁和”和“勤政亲贤”匾,都是雍正皇帝的御笔,悬挂在养心殿。自雍正帝开始,养心殿成为皇帝在宫中最主要的寝宫和政务中心,所以这里的匾联箴铭,也是清王朝统治思想的精旨。


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