Product Design: Gege in red dress/ Gege with umbrella/ Gege reading book/ Gege with kitten/ Gege with sweet

Product Size: 2.5cm in length

Product Material: Metal

Princess "Gege" Bookmark

  • The Number One Scholar Bookmark

    The first in the exam was named first scholar, the second was named “Bang Yan”, and the third was called “Tan Hua”. Scholar number one is the highest goal that scholar had sought in ancient times. This bookmark "number one scholar" contains the auspicious sense of the top and brings good blessing when reading.




    古代科举考试中,第一名称为状元, 第二名为榜眼,第三名为探花。状元及第,是古时所有读书人追求的最高目标。这款“状元郎“书签,便蕴含了金榜题名,独占鳌头的吉祥寓意,在读书之余带来美好祝福。