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Product Material:



Product size:

Capacity: 250ml

Lip: 90mm(D), 440mm(H)

Cup: 820mm(D), 770mm(H)

Tea filtration: 840mm(D), 540(H)

Dish: 139mm(D), 310mm(H)

Sea Pearl Tea Cup- 4 Pieces 250ml

  • Sea Pearl Tea Cup - 4 Pieces 250ml / 先生瓷海上明珠250ml陶 瓷茶杯(4头)

    The cup is small and round, with fine touch and even glaze color. It is fired at high temperature. It is made of pure manual gold painting technology. The wave pattern means peace and good health in the world


    先生瓷海上明珠250ml陶 瓷茶杯(4头)


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