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• Glass

Award Winning Easy Brew Teapot

  • Award Winning Easy Brew Teapot

    Our Award Winning Easy Brew Teapot makes any tea preparation quick and simple, with no bitter taste. This teapot does not absorb odours, therefore preserving the original taste of your tea.

    Brew, filter, and drink any kind of tea — green tea, black tea, flower tea, milk tea, fruit tea, or herbal tea — with ease, using our Award Winning Easy Brew Teapot!



    我们的易泡杯能快速和简单地冲泡各种 不同的茶叶。它不仅不吸收异味,而且能 保留茶的原味。

    使用我们的易泡杯,就能轻松自如地冲 泡、过滤和饮用任何种类的茶 — 绿茶、 红茶、花茶、奶茶、果茶或花草茶。

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