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วัสดุ: PP, 394 สแตนเลส, ซิลิโคน, TPE, PC

ขนาด: 20 ซม. x 8 ซม.

ปริมาณ: 350 มล.

น้ำหนัก: 294 กรัม.


SKU: 1120401801
  • Forbidden City Snow Tumbler

    As snow falls in the Forbidden City, it is truly a sight to behold. Travel back in time as you admire that landscape represented in delicate brushstrokes with watercolour depicting the peaceful years of the former Imperial City.



    紫禁城的雪,倾国倾城,世人倾慕。设计师用细腻笔触,水彩淡 彩画风,描绘出这座昔日皇城的岁月静好,荏时光穿梭,共叹古 今风景无限。


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