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งานเรซิ่น Gao Xiaowu – Pet God x Dog

SKU: 1
  • XUAN Artisan Range

    Gao Xiaowu Resin Work – Pet God x Dog

    Dogs in human society are already a kind of highly domesticated animal and subject to their owners. Gao Xiaowu likens people with smiles and humpbacks. His “Pampering Dogs” is a metaphor for cheat and unscrupulous in human society. It is driven by material and personal interests and causes a bad etiquette and shameless behaviour. Sometimes people not as good as a dog so the purpose of “Pamper God” series is uses to alert human.

    高孝午 - 《宠神狗》



    Each work is limited edition with only one certificate and serial number, which goes into effect with the Gao Xiaowu art studio seal.


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