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Product Material:

Paraffin wax


Product Size:



Product Packaging:


Golden Jubilee Anniversary Candles

  • Golden Jubilee Anniversary Candles / 龙凤金禧花烛

    This product is inspired by the "Purple Red Dragon Motif Double Happiness Round Candle" from the collection of the Palace Museum. The designer has taken the shape and patterns of the artifact and reinterpreted them. The product is hand-sculpted and molded, with the wax poured manually. It is designed in a vibrant red color, resembling the original artifact, with a beautiful appearance. The fragrance is carefully crafted by a perfumer, giving the product a fresh and elegant scent, adding to the festive atmosphere. The product is presented in a gift box, consisting of two candles. It symbolizes the auspiciousness of the dragon motif, happiness, marital bliss, and is a perfect choice for both gifting and personal use.


    本产品以故官博物院藏“紫红色龙风纹喜字圆蜡” 为设计灵感。设计师取文物的外形、纹样等元素重新描绘,手工雕塑塑型、制模,手工灌注而成。产品设计为大红色,模拟文物原型,颜色艳丽,造型美观,并由调香师手工调香,使产品香气清新高雅,增添喜气氛国。 一套两支组成礼盒,以喻龙风呈祥、吉祥喜庆、夫妻和美,送礼自用皆为佳选。

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