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Product Material:



Product size:

Cup: 98mm(L), 98mm(W), 73mm(H)

Holder: 126mm(L), 122mm(W), 25mm(H)

Tray: 290mm(L), 290mm(W), 12mm(H)


Product Packaging:



Product contains 2 cups, 2 cup holders and 1 tray

Good Blessing Teacup Set

  • Good Blessing Teacup Set / 福至如意盖碗套装

    This design is inspired by Qianlong carved red enamel lotus and vines lidded teacup, Qianlong enamel blue/gold lidded teacup together of Qianlong red phoenix painting style lidded teacup.

    The designer refined the shape and decoration of the three famous collections of The Palace Museum, combined with the flower-shaped cup holder and tray into the product that expresses the good wishes of happy marriages and hundred years of harmony.




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