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Size尺寸:190 x 80 x 50 mm

Edition Number 编号:654/999

Material 材质: Resin树脂烤漆

Creation Year 年代:2007

I Love You (Pink)

SKU: GXW300301
  • “I Love You” is one of a series of works called "Our Generation". It represents the classic scene of modern lovers showing their emotions. The scene has been exaggerated to emphasize their living situation between reality and illusion under the influence of "finger movement". The sculpture represents the great function human fingers plays in the age of internet. Therefore, our age would rather be name "the age of fingers".

    I Love You作品是我们这一代系列作品里的其中一件,表现的是当下时代情侣之间热烈的表达爱意的经典画面;我用夸张的手法,强调“手指运动”所影响下的亦真亦假,如梦如幻的生活情境,充分体现了在互联网文明时代里,人类在各种行为中“手指”所发挥的巨大功能。所以,我跟愿意把我们这一代称为“手指文明”的时代!


    Each work is limited edition with only one certificate and serial number, which goes into effect with the Gao Xiaowu art studio seal.


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