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Product Material:

Handmade Soap, Coral Velvet


Product size:

Soap: 8cm(L)*4.5cm(W)*4.5cm(H)

Towel: 26cm(L)*26cm(W)


Product Packaging:



Shelf Life:

2 years

Lucky Rabbit Towel Set

  • Lucky Rabbit Towel Set / 吉兔纳福悦洗套装

    The towel design takes inspiration from the scroll "Wutong Shuangtu" (Twin Rabbits under a Parasol), featuring two color options: grey and pink. It is made of high-quality coral velvet, providing a soft and delicate touch, like caressing a young rabbit. The soap is translucent and made with transparent glass powder color, creating a radiant and colorful glass-like texture.


    毛巾图案形态取自《梧桐双兔图》轴,颜色一灰一粉,选取优质珊瑚绒,柔软细腻,如轻抚一只幼兔。 皂体晶莹剔透,采用透明琉璃粉颜色,渲染而成。呈现流光溢彩的琉璃质感。

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