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วัสดุ: PP, 394 สแตนเลส, ซิลิโคน, TPE, PC

ขนาด: 20 ซม. x 8 ซม.

ปริมาณ: 350 มล.

น้ำหนัก: 294 กรัม.


SKU: CFC5014101
  • Multicoloured Sea River Cliff Tumbler 

    This motif was unique to those used by the royal court, since the tide "Haichao" is synonymous with the court, "Chao".

    Sea cliffs depicted here “Jiangya" are synonymous with ginger buds, which means the hills overlap like buds of ginger. Like buds of ginger and the sea, all things rise to peace.



    “海水”意指“海潮”,“潮”与“朝”同音而意故为朝廷专用 纹。 “江崖”又称“江牙”“姜芽”即山头重叠,似姜之芽, 是釜山寿海,是万事升平 。

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