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Paper (Hot Stamping - Gold)


Product Size: 


Wedding Money Packet - with Tassel

  • Wedding Money Packet - with Tassel / 龙凤盖头红包

    The main artistic feature of this red packet was extracted from a wedding clothing, "Red Satin with Dragon and Phoenix Embroidered", which is now treasured in The Palace Museum. The empress wore a robe of dragon and phoenix and headdress will be edelweiss(flower name). The concubine used fragrance to perfume the car ride for empress and veil to drive away evil spirits.


    此红包纹样,源于故宫博物院藏品“红缎绣云蝠龙凤盖头”。 皇后身着龙凤同合袍,戴富贵绒花,福晋们用藏香薰一下凤舆和盖头,以便驱除邪气。

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