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Product Size: Total Length of Each Roll : 10m

Phoenix with Peony Pattern – 6cm in width, Pattern 11.8cm/ loop

Bird and Flowers Pattern – 2.5cm in width, Pattern 14.2cm/ loop

Flowers pattern – 3cm in width, Pattern 17.3/ loop

Lotus with Branch Pattern – 2cm in width, Pattern 23.3cm/ loop

Chrysanthemum Pattern – 2cm in width, Pattern 28.5cm/ loop

Lacquer-inspired Flowers in Bloom Decorative Tape Set

SKU: 1090706701
  • Lacquer-inspired Flowers in Bloom Decorative Tape Set

    The patterns of this set of tapes are all from the red lacquer ware collected from the Palace Museum.

    Lacquerware is made from a kind of liquid secreted from natural lacquer tree, which is processed and refined to make a variety of color paints, and painted on the fetal bone of various lacquerware. In the Palace Museum, there are a large number of palace lacquerware from the three dynasties of yuan, Ming and qing dynasties. The main sources are the palace workshop articles, the palace articles made by the orders of the local officials, and the "square objects" presented to the emperor by local officials in various names.




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