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Purple Famille Rose Lobed Vase with Lotus Prints

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  • Purple Famille Rose Lobed Vase with Lotus Prints

    Qing Dynasty (DAOGUANG PERIOD)
    It is 41cm tall with a 9.5cm mouth diameter and 12cm base diameter.
    The vase has a lopsided mouth, long neck, double ear, slating shoulder, round belly and ring foot. The shape is long and thin, and the material is solid. The external layer is purple-glazed and purple-ground which makes it clear, bright and full of nobility. The patterns on the vase include lotuses, twining flowers, bats, Ruyi, calabash and the Sawastika pattern which implies perpetual happiness, longevity and good fortune for all.




    高 41 厘米,口径 9.5 厘米,足径 12 厘米。

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