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The bowl of the ‘Three Pure Ones’

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  • The bowl of the ‘Three Pure Ones’

    The Qianlong Emperor not only enjoyed drinking tea, he also used tea as a way to educate the ministers about morality, integrity, respect and proper etiquette. Every year, a tea ceremony would be held from the second to the tenth day of Chinese New Year, and the tea sets used during the ceremony were engraved with a poem called “San Qing Cha”, written by the Qianlong Emperor himself. After the ceremony, the ministers would bring the tea sets home as keepsakes and they served as a reminder to always have a clear conscience and to care for those they protect.




    乾隆不仅爱喝茶,还是把茶作为对大臣讲德政,倡清廉,崇礼仪的一种教育方法。因此每年正月初二到初十之间,选吉日在重华宫举办三清茶宴 - 利用”三清茶“宴请重臣,席间饮茶赋诗,实乃君臣雅集。

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