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Product Material

• Stainless Steel 



• China 



• 2 pairs


Soak in warm water for 10-15 minutes before use. Use cold water or warm water for cleaning. Recommend manual hand washing and dry it after washing. Do not use the metallic spiral ball to wash.

XUAN Stainless Steel Chinese Style Chopsticks Set

  • The Culture of Chopsticks

    The standard length of chopstick used by the Chinese are seven inches and six lines, which reflect the seven emotions and six desires. The seven emotions are love, anger, sadness, sorrow, joys , fears, and anxieties. The six desires reflect the physiological needs of the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body represent the physiological needs, while chopsticks in pairs represent the relative balance of Yin and Yang. The five fingers that we used with chopsticks represent our five elements, wood, water, fire, and earth. The chopsticks are round at one end and square at the other, representing the heaven and the world. Our hands are in the middle with the chopsticks indicating the triad between heaven, earth, and people. In addition, using chopsticks pays much attention, whether so much strength cannot be opened or too little strength is hard to be pinched, the essence of this is to recognize the rules and etiquette but also to be mindful of the severity. China’s 5000 years old traditional culture are tolerance and aggressive.



    中国人用的筷子长七寸六,代表着七情六欲,七情就是喜怒哀乐悲恐忧,六欲代表人的眼耳鼻舌身意代表人的生理需求,同时筷子成双成对 代表阴阳相对和平衡。 用筷子的五根手指代表着我们的五行,金木水火土。筷子是一头圆一头方,代表天圆地方。我们夹筷子用的手在中间,表示天地人三合。 另外使用筷子讲究很多,力气太大打不开,力气太小夹不住,其中的意义,要懂得知分寸知礼节,更应懂得天高地厚。中国五千年的传统文化包容并蓄,有包容心,有进取心。

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