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Yunnan Province, China (1500m) 中国云南(海拔1500米)


Brew :

3-5g tea leaf with 100ml water. Boiled water temperature 90-95℃. Rinse with boiled water for 5 seconds and pour away the water. Ancient tree black tea can be brewed for more than 10 brews.The first 6 brews are ready to drink without steeping. After 6 brews 10-15 seconds and moderately extend the time afterwards. 


Aged tree black tea 80G

  • Ancient tree black tea 80G/山茶汇*正谷联名古树红茶

    Produced from ancient trees of more than 100 years at an altitude of 1500 meters. it has a stronger aroma and it is more resistant to brewing than ordinary black tea.产自1500米海拔百年古树,香气浓郁有明显的山野气息。比普通红茶更耐泡。

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