Material: PP, 394 Stainless Steel, Silicone, TPE, PC

Size: 20cm*8cm

Volume: 350ml

Weight: 294g

Azurite Cloud Dragon Tumbler

SKU: CFC5013801
  • 石青团纹云龙随行杯 Azurite Cloud Dragon Tumbler

    This motif is from the Emperor's robes that sits in the Palace Museum from the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty.The pattern with the auspicious dragon together with birds, flowers, trees, fish and insects, and the natural elements conveys the desire of the Emperor of that period his wish to be the Emperor of the people.

    创意源自故宫博物院藏品,清乾隆时期“石青色缎串珠绣八团云 龙褂料”。 纹样讲究“图必有意,意必吉祥”。瑞兽祥禽,吉 祥花木,花鸟鱼虫,自然 元素,团纹的巧妙构思赋予的美好意 象,传递着从帝王到民众的美好夙 愿。


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