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Product Material:

High-temperature ceramic, 925 silver ear hooks, alloy accessories


Product Size:

Main body diameter: approximately 1cm

Total length: approximately 5cm


Product Packaging:


Blessing Joys Earring

  • Blessing Joys Earring / 纳福迎祥耳坠

    The designer has presented the traditional ceramic hollow-out craftsmanship using modern high-temperature ceramic 3D printing technology, bringing the beauty of traditional craftsmanship to your ears. Ceramic materials are known for their diverse shapes, insulation properties, high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.


    设计师将传统陶瓷镂空工艺以现代的高温陶瓷3D打印技术加以呈现,将传统工艺之美传递到您的耳畔。 陶瓷材料具有造型多样、绝缘、耐高温、耐腐蚀的特点。

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