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Product Material:

Polyester fiber, viscose fiber


Product Size:

33cm (L) * 23cm (W)


Product Packaging:


Cute Rabbit Spring Knot Bag

  • Cute Rabbit Spring Knot Bag / 萌兔韵春套结手腕包

    his product draws its design inspiration from the painting "Kesi Xinshao Ruyi Tu" (Silk Brocade Painting of Auspiciousness) preserved in the Palace Museum. It incorporates the main elements of lingzhi mushrooms and persimmons. Persimmons symbolize good luck, double happiness, wish fulfillment, and smoothness in all endeavors. Lingzhi mushrooms, on the other hand, are regarded as auspicious symbols of good fortune and longevity in Chinese folklore and beliefs. The appearance of lingzhi mushrooms signifies national peace and prosperity, and the flourishing of all things. To add a touch of playfulness to the design, a cute little rabbit is included as an embellishment. The rabbit represents vitality and charm, complementing the traditional lingzhi and persimmon pattern while conveying good wishes for a prosperous year.


    本产品以故宫博物院藏《缂丝新韶如意图轴》为设计灵感,以灵芝、柿子为主要元素。柿子寓意者万事如意、好事成双、心想事成、事事顺送,而灵芝常被人们视为祥瑞的美好象征,在中国古代民间信仰中具有吉祥长寿的寓意。 灵芝的出现,预兆者国泰民安,世事昌达。创作萌免一只作为点缀 免子是灵气、可爱的代表,点綴在传统的灵芝柿子图案上 增加一丝俏皮,也为免年寄子美好祝福。

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