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Product Size:

 Each tape length: 10m

Pattern of Sparrows – 3cm in width, pattern 7.78cm/loop

Pattern of Flowers and Insects – 2.5cm in width, pattern 17.2cm/loop

Pattern of Gourd – 2cm in width, pattern 15.5cm/loop

Decorative Tape Set - Treasure box inspired Black

SKU: 1090706801
  • Decorative Tape Set - Treasure box inspired Black

    The patterns of the tapes derived from the collection of Palace Museum which is treasure box cultural relics.

    Bai Bao inlaying is a craft name, which refers to making various embossed images with various precious materials such as jade, agate, snail shell, coral, green gold, ivory, pine and so on, inlaid on wood or lacquer ware, with screen bookcase and pen container.





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