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Peachbloom-glazed bowl with flowers

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  • Peachbloom-glazed bowl with flowers

    Qing Dynasty (KANGXI PERIOD)
    It is 5m tall with a 10cm mouth diameter and 4cm base diameter.
    The decorations mainly consists of peonies, chrysanthemums, corn poppies, large flowers with broken branches. The core of the flower with branches, with the exquisite painting, brings out the pattering effect. The painting of this bowl has a vivid style instead of the mundane and rigid style used for copper enamels. The gracefulness of royal ware is shown clearly through the white and smooth body of the bowl, the lustrous surface of glaze, the bright colours used and the exquisiteness of the painting. The porcelain enamel nowadays is precious and rare due to the fact that it only appeared in the late years of Kangxi’s reign with very small quantities。



    高 5 厘米,口径 10 厘米,足径 4 厘米。


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