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White-Glazed Vase with Plum Blossom and Bamboo

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  • White-Glazed Vase with Plum Blossom and Bamboo

    Qing Dynasty (QIANLONG PERIOD)
    It is 19.5cm tall with a 4cm mouth diameter and 8.2cm base diameter.
    The vase has a narrow opening with a short neck, wide shoulder, thin bottom and ring foot. It is white-glazed and the belly is decorated with elegant plum blossom and bamboo. The branch was outlined by simple strokes while the flowers and leaves were created using soft colours such as carmine, green and blue.
    Chinese Famille Rose porcelain prevailed in prosper period of Qianlong’s reign. The vase has a plump shape, showing off a luxurious and elegant style by just using simple patterns.



    高 19.5 厘米,口径 4 厘米,足径 8.2 厘米。

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