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Yang-Tsai style Baluster Vase with landscape patterns

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  • Yang-Tsai style Baluster Vase with landscape patterns

    Qing Dynasty (QIANLONG PERIOD)
    It is 20.5cm tall with a 5.2cm mouth diameter and 5.5cm base diameter.
    The baluster vase was made in a pair during Qianlong period. The vase is white-glazed, making it smooth and lustrous. The body is thin and translucent, and the outside is painted with pictures of green landscape and figures. The picture painted depicts high mountains, floating clouds, waterfalls and springs, and green trees, making it a beautiful scene alongside the resplendent Yuting pavilion. A piece of Qianlong’s poetry was written on the shoulder of the vase which describes the scenery of the royal gardens.
    The palace, pavilion and bridge of the painting is outlined with soft brushing while the Sun and Moon as well as the tails of dragon and phoenix is painted in gold as a form of showing the dignity and magnificence of the architectures.



    高 20.5 厘米,口径 5.2 厘米,足径 5.5 厘米

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