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Gold Plum blossoms & bamboo Mug

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  • Bamboo Mug / Plum Blossoms Mug 

    The plaque, a type of screen with a seat, was popular in the Ming and Qing dynasties. In the Qing Dynasty, these were mostly made of jade, and were common in the palaces of emperors and concubines. This piece incorporates two-fold inscriptions of poems, plums and bamboos in jasper jade. 


    竹映清溪水杯 / 梅香如故水杯

    插屏,带座屏风的一种,在明清两代风行一时。 清代多为玉制,帝王和后妃的寝宫中随处可见,碧玉刻诗梅竹图双面插 屏即为此中作品。 设计师取材于碧玉梅竹双面插屏,分制梅, 竹对杯,碧色作底,饰以华金,入眼皆为古雅静逸,此件竹石款为其中之一。

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