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Happy Joys Wedding Handmade Soap

  • Happy Joys Wedding Handmade Soap / 吉隆之喜精油手工皂

    This product is inspired by the "Silver-Plated Double Butterfly Pattern Xi Character Powder Box" from the collections of the Palace Museum. "Xi Xiang Feng" is one of the auspicious patterns in Chinese culture and is a traditional symbol of love. The main design of this product features a pair of butterflies facing each other. The butterflies have smooth bodies and spread their wings symmetrically. The design includes the "Xi" character and gourd patterns in the middle, creating a joyful and auspicious atmosphere. The design symbolizes the happiness of a harmonious couple and long-lasting friendship.


    本品以故宫博物院藏“银镀金双蝶纹喜字粉盒〞 为设计灵感。 "喜相逢〞是中国吉祥纹饰之一,是传统典型的爱情符号。 本品主要图案为两两相对的一双蝴蝶,蝴蝶身体平整,展开双翼,上下对称,中间饰双喜纹和葫芦纹,整体图案喜气洋洋,气氛热烈吉祥。 寓意佳偶欢喜相逢,情谊绵长。

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